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Magnets are used in our everyday live. There are lots of technical and electronical applications, however magnets are also very useful in our daily environment. They can be used to stick things to metallic walls.

Permanent magnets apply a force to metallic things, thus keep sticking to metals of all kinds. Permanent magnets can have different pulling forces. A special kind of permanent magnets are strong magnets. These are usually made of rare earth materials like neodymium and are very powerful.

This material makes strong magnets for clothes possible. There are different kinds of usefull applications for clothing. A very popular item is a sewing magnet, which can be sewed into clothing. Instead of ordinary buttons, one can sew a magnet inside clothes. Each sewing set is composed of two parts. When both parts are brought together very closly, the magnet snaps and closes the button. They work similar like ordinary buttons. They can be washed in the washing machine and behave much like ordinary buttons. A big advantage of strong sewing magnets for clothes is their ease of use. These buttons are very well suited for young children which have difficulties to close their jackets. Other use cases are magnetic snaps for bags, raincoats, pillows, and so on.

An advanced version of sewing magnets are strong magnetic snaps, so called Maggie snaps. They consist of a strong magnetic ball with two magnetic rings. One ring is put under your textile layer and the magnetic ball is attached. Now you just close your jacket and place the second ring above the magnetic ball. Your jacket is closed and the only thing you see is a small black ring, looking like a button.

An alternative to sewing are strong magnetic buttons or bars with adhesive tape on the backside. They are very well suited for decorating purposes without destroying your clothes. They are commonly used for attaching name tags to your dress. They stick with tape and the name tag is hold by a strong magnet. You can easily put a name tag on without being afraid of damaging your clothes. Bigger versions come as bars. They are placed inside the pocket of your suit, the name tag sticks to this magnet at the outside of your pocket.

Finally, a common application for strong magnets for clothes are magnetic hooks. These powerful neodymium hooks can be placed everywhere on a metallic base, e.g. kitchen boards, office, garage, and so on. Just stick the magnetic hook to the metal plate and hang your clothes on it. They carry more than 40 lb and are very well suited for jackets, trousers and other heavy clothes. Please find below a selection of popular strong magnets for clothing. Please keep in mind that very strong magnets like magnetic hooks can be very powerful and should be treated carefully. They can be dangerous for people with pacemakers.

Review of the best strong magnets for clothes

Sew In Magnetic Snaps
Sew In Magnetic Snaps
  • Sew In Magnet
  • 10 button pairs
  • Easy to use

These sew in buttons are made for all kinds of clothes. They are sewed in and each pair of buttons closes magnetically. The magnet snaps in and grabs quickly and keeps your item closed.

10 Sew in Buttons in bronze
10 Sew in Buttons in bronze
  • Sew In Buttons
  • 10 pcs
  • in bronze color

88% Overall Rating

Each magnetic button consists of two parts. When brought together they will snap in. They can be sewed in any kind of clothes easily. They are washable and easy to use.

Maggie Snaps Strong Magnets for Clothes without sewing
Maggie Snaps Strong Magnets for Clothes without sewing
  • No Sewing
  • 4 pcs
  • ball magnet with rings

88% Overall Rating

These magnetic snaps are special fasteners without sewing. They consists of a strong ball magnet with two magnetic rings. This snap is well suited for closing every kind of clothes like sweaters, jackets, and so on. From the outside you will only see a very decent ring. One package consists of 4 sets.

Strong Round Button and Badge magnet
Strong Round Button and Badge magnet
  • Adhesive Button magnet
  • powerful magnet back-piece
  • 2-50 pack availabe

This strong magnetic button is used for attaching name tags to clothes. One side has adhesive tape on it. It is sticked to your dress. The other site is a powerful magnet for attaching your name tag.

Strong magnetic Name Badge Holder for Clothes
Strong magnetic Name Badge Holder for Clothes
  • Super Strong Magnet
  • For Name Badge
  • No adhesive or sewing

This product is a magnetic bar and has to be put in your suite pocket. You can attach a name tag at the other side of the pocket. With this strong magnet you will not damage your suit.

Strong magnet for hanging clothes
Strong magnet for hanging clothes
  • Magnetic hook
  • Up to 40 LB
  • 8 Hook Set

92% Overall Rating

These magnetic hooks are very strong and can be attached to any kind of metal plate. They can carry more then 40 pounds and can be used for jackets, trousers, and other heavy stuff. If attached in horizontal manner, they will carry around 13 lb. In vertical manner, they can lift 40lb.