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From Elegoo , there are two great starter kits for crafting with electronics. The Elegoo Electronics Fun Kit is available for the basic electronic stuff, consisting of a breadboard, power supply and lots of electronic components. If you want to immerse yourself in the world of microcontrollers, you should take a look at the Elegoo Uno R3 Ultimate Starter Kit.

** Electronics Fun Kit (Upgraded) **

A good starter set from Elegoo is the Electronics Fun Kit. It comes in a compact box and contains everything you need for easy electronics crafts. The kit is called Electronics Fun Kit. It consists of numerous individual components, cables, a breadboard and power supply.

elegoo Starter Kit

Elegoo Starter Kit.

The set includes 10 red, green, yellow, white and blue LEDs, one RGB LED, numerous resistors, capacitors, transistors, photoresistors, photoresistors, a 74HC595 shift register, potentiometer, buzzer, 10 buttons, diodes, phototransistors and many other components. There is a set of F-M Dupont Wires (flexible cables) and a set of breadboard jumper wires. In addition, there is a stylish plastic box with solderless jumper wires.

Elegoo Electronics Fun

Elegoo Electronics Fun Kit.

A high quality breadboard and a power-supply module with DC barrel plug 5.5 mm x 2.5 mm is included. A power supply does not exist, however, such power supplies are certainly found at home. There are also suitable universal power supplies in the DIY store or on Amazon. The voltage range of the module, according to the description, is 6.5 - 9V DC, according to the imprint on the board, even 12 V is allowed. With this, the RASPI-power supply is not suitable, since it has only 5V. However, if you only need 3.3V on the breadboard, this could work. The current module has jumpers on the left and right, which allow you to adjust the voltage on the breadboard busbars. You can choose 5V, 3.3V and VCC (supply voltage loop through). The Power Supply module has an on/off switch, an LED indicator and a USB interface to power USB devices such as the Raspberry PI. Overall, the power-supply module and the breadboard leaves nothing to be desired. Together with the numerous electronic components, you can easily connect simple circuits with RC circuits, pushbuttons, buzzers, LEDs, transistors, etc.

Power Supply Module from the Elegoo Starter Kits

Power Supply Module from the Elegoo Starter Kits.

** Elegoo Uno R3 Ultimate Starter Kit **

We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

The Uno R3 Ultimate Starter Kit can be considered as an extension of the Electronics Fun Kit. It includes the above-mentioned breadboard, power supply module, numerous LEDs, transistors, photodiodes, capacitors. There is a stylish display module, DC motors and drivers, LCD display, relay, expansion module, USB cable, input panels, remote control, rotary poties and so on. The power supply is a 9V block adapter on the top standard DC barrel plug. This allows the set to operate without an external power supply. The most important component is, of course, a Uno R3. This is a very high quality replica of the Arduino Uno R3 board. The Arduino system is open source and each manufacturer can rebuild the board accordingly. Elegoo did this with high precision and perfectly matched the set to its starter kit. The whole set comes in a beautiful plastic case and includes everything you need to get started right away.

** Mega2560 Starter Kit **

The third set is a Mega2560 starer kit on Elegoo. The set is similar to the above model, but instead of a Uno R3 (with ATmega328P) contains an ATmega2560 board that is Arduino compatible. So, the main difference is the processor, as well as the composition of the accessory. Also this set is a good basis for craft projects.

Below we have listed the most popular Elegoo kits: