Most oscilloscopes have a clip handle around the device. With this bracket you can carry the oscilloscope or put it on it.

Display oscilloscope on handle standing

Agilent oscilloscope on grip.

There are several concepts in the handles. On some devices, there is a push button on each side, with the help of which you can adjust the bugge. However, a concept is often encountered in which you have to pull the shackle outward, that is, away from the housing.

Display of an oscilloscope grip

Oscilloscope handle: Home position.

In the first step, you put your thumb on the handle from the inside and push it outward. This must happen on both sides at the same time.

Display of an oscilloscope grip, open

Oscilloscope handle: Open.

In the second step, you turn the open bracket backwards or forwards, depending on whether you want to transport or set up the device. The grip snaps to specific locations. There are usually three meaningful positions:

  • The bracket is located under the device to place the oscilloscope on it.
  • The shackle is right in front of the screen to transport or place it vertically on the floor.
  • The bracket is on the device so you can place it horizontally on a surface.