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Hanmatek offers affordable power supplies for the hobby market. The manufacturer's laboratory power supplies are characterized by good operation and an affordable price.

We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Hanmatek also builds laboratory power supplies and power supplies for the European market. The HM series supports one voltage output at a time and differs in functionality or operation depending on the model.

The luxury model HP310P offers an output as well as additional ground connection. All settings are visualized via a 4-digit LED display and set to 0.01V or 0.001A. The power supply has a storage function so that frequently used values can be pre-programmed. The adjustment of voltage and current limitation is carried out by a large rotary knob. The HM310P has a voltage range of 0-30V and a current range of 0-10A. The power supply has overload and temperature protection and can be used well for common laboratory applications.

Cheaper available is the HM310, without the addition of P. It differs from the above model by one output less (No additional ground connection). However, there are two variants here. One variant provides 0-5A, the second HM310 model provides 0-10A. So if you need more than 5A, you should use the 10A model. Both variants deliver 0-30V. However, the HM310 does not have a memory function for commonly used voltage and current values. Here the current or voltage must be adjusted with rotary knobs. However, the parameters are displayed digitally on the display. The power supply is also overload and short-circuit proof.

The device is approximately 15 cm wide, 23 cm high and 8 cm deep. Two banana cables are included, the whole weighs about 2 kg. The power supply is handy and easy to carry.

Hanmatek HM Power Supplies /HM310

We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.